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Twirp: Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 5

[center]<b><span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>ONE HUNDRED & FIVE</span></b>[/center]

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<b>Arrested American LeT operative was targeting 'Rahul'</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Other questions asked by Headley included, 'How long do you think I will need to stay at Rahul's place to complete this task' and 'will I have to stay there continuously for a while, or back and forth, like before.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

Rahul place, may means Delhi,
Clinton arrives in Pakistan to write new chapter in relations
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Clinton confirmed the United States is evaluating engaging with Taliban factions willing to disassociate themselves from al Qaeda.

"What we want to do is separate those out," she said, "and we're going to engage in that and will look to the government of Pakistan -- particularly the military and intelligence services -- to help guide us in that."</b>

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me
Conflict in Pakistan

Pictures from Boston Globe on the conflict.
<b>No pre-condition but Pak must curb terror groups: PM</b>
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday said there were no pre-conditions for talks with Pakistan but they cannot make headway unless there is "effective control" of the terror groups operating in that country.

Winding up his two-day visit to the Kashmir valley, he also voiced the hope that separatists and others would reciprocate his appeal for a dialogue with all sections of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Asked at a press conference here whether his statement yesterday that Pakistan should destroy terror camps will be a pre-condition for talks, Singh said "it is not not a pre-condition.

<b>"But there is a practical way of looking at (things). Negotiations can't make headway unless Pakistan brings under effective control these terror groups."</b>

He said India is a democracy and if day and day out terrorists continue attack and take the precious lives<b> "we cannot create an atmosphere for negotiations".</b>

<b>"Negotiations can't make headway unless Pakistan brings under control the terrorist elements which aid and abet terrorism in India,</b>" the Prime Minister.

He also made it clear that Pakistan's actions against those believed to be behind the Mumbai attacks were not not satisfactory and expressed the hope that Islamabad would bring all the perpetrators of 26/11 attacks to justice.

Singh described as "far fetched and far from truth" Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik's charge that India was abetting violence in Balochistan and funding Taliban.

"I have said earlier that India had no no role in Balochistan and those who level these charges, the senior minister in Pakistan, know jolly well that there is no no truth in it.

"Nothing can be far fetched and far from truth," he said adding in fact it was India which was a victim of terrorism aided and abetted from Pakistani soil.

"Both (charges on) Balochistan and Taliban are totally false," he said.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->


<b>A FANATICAL Muslim group campaigning to impose sharia law on Britain wants to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque, it was revealed last night.</b>

Days before a potentially incendiary rally in central London, the hardline Islam4UK group claims to have uncovered historical evidence which challenges the right of the Queen to live at the royal property.

Notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary is calling for the palace to be renamed Buckingham Masjid, the Arabic word for mosque.

The Mall, which approaches the palace, would become Masjid Road.

Choudary, the right-hand man of exiled cleric Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, spoke out as he urged Muslims across Britain to join Saturday’s rally to demand a complete overhaul of the British legal system and the introduction of sharia courts.

The protest is due to begin at 1pm outside the Houses of Parliament and end at Trafalgar Square, less than a mile from Buckingham Palace, raising concerns over security.

Last night angry politicians and fellow Muslims condemned Choudary’s comments.

Tory MP Philip Davies compared Choudary to the leader of the BNP, saying: “This man’s a complete idiot. He’s the Muslim equivalent to Nick Griffin. I’m all for free speech and people having the right to have their say but, equally, there are all these ridiculous laws the Government has introduced about inciting racial hatred. Quite clearly, that’s what he is doing.

“If these laws are in place, they have to work both ways – they can’t apply to just one group of people.”

In a rambling diatribe, Choudary wrote on the Islam4UK website: “There is a spark that has ignited and its flame has become unstoppable.

“In recent years the world has witnessed an Islamic resurgence which continues to grow in strength.

“We find ourselves in the year 2009, waiting for Rome to fall, waiting for the White House to fall and indeed waiting for Buckingham Palace to fall.”

Choudary said that under sharia law the Queen’s official residence in London would have a dome fitted and a tannoy system to call followers to prayer.

The Palace would be used as a judiciary court for handing down sharia punishments and a detention place for “prisoners of war”.

In addition, the building would become the headquarters of the Islamic States’ supreme leadership and the Department of Information and Culture.

Choudary also called for the Crown Jewels to be melted down into “more appealing jewellery, free from idolatrous engravings or symbols such as crosses or human beings”.

Islam4UK’s website shows mock-up images of the Palace as a mosque and the Crown Jewels being melted.

Choudary added: “At present, Buckingham Palace is nothing more than a hollow building exploited by the rich and withheld from any real use.

“Under the sharia this would never happen, rather the British community would see it converted into a flourishing mosque which would be of a great benefit, not only for those residing in London but also the country as a whole.”

The Islam4UK movement is made up of leading members of the banned radical al-Muhajiroun group which was once led by Choudary. Around 15 per cent of people convicted in the UK of terrorism-related offences in the last decade were either members of the group or had links to it.

The Centre for Social Cohesion last night warned of the dangers of Choudary’s preachings.

Houriya Ahmed, a researcher for the independent think-tank , said: “I think they are just doing this for publicity.

“Anjem Choudary is a ridiculous man. But that does not mean his ideology is not dangerous.”

Muslim leader Abdul Hamid Qureshi, chairman of the Lancashire Council of Mosques, said: “The sad fact is that this organisation is driving the agenda. What they are saying is totally wrong. They are only a small bunch of people. There is no sense in it – it is not Islam.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We are discussing the potential demonstrations on October 31.”

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<b>Pakistan’s Foreign Exchange Reserves reduced to USD 14.4289 Billion on 24-10-2009 from USD 14.4805 on 17-10-2009</b>

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Breaking news:

According to ISPR, PA has today recoved few passports of foreign nationals from SWA including 9/11 alleged terrorist SAID BAHJI -A German National and CIA most wanted man. According to news he has been trvelling to the region many times and his last visit was on September 4, 2001.
<b>Money does wonders for terror suspects</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->ISLAMABAD: An acute sense of insecurity prevails in the country amid reports of inept handling of terror suspects and inadequate medical facilities in hospitals.

<b>Reports are circulating that many terror suspects have managed to escape by bribing the police.</b> The News tried to approach Islamabad IGP Kaleem Imam for his comments, but he did not return the call despite several attempts by this scribe.

Reports of inadequate facilities in the government hospitals to treat those injured in terrorist attacks are frequent, especially in various parts of the NWFP where the <b>hospitals lack even basic facilities like drip-stands, blood bags and stitching materials</b>. Even major hospitals like the Lady Reading Hospital and the Hayat Shaheed Teaching Hospital seem ill-equipped to cope with the situation.<b> The patients are often asked to purchase medicines and even syringes, bandages and drips from the market, which are in short supply too</b>.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
declaring victory withdrawing from Afghanistan within 12 months Obama’s new policy was supposed to be a Marshal Plan & end to bombing raids in Pakistan Convincing the US tin ear of the Pakistani poin
Obama become smaler and smaler

<!--QuoteBegin-Mudy+Oct 29 2009, 11:40 PM-->QUOTE(Mudy @ Oct 29 2009, 11:40 PM)<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>No pre-condition but Pak must curb terror groups: PM</b>

<b>Mudy Ji :</b>

Mayhaps MSM has "seemingly" made Monkeys-Morons of the Crapistanis! :

<b>SECOND EDITORIAL : Mr Singh’s hidden ‘precondition’</b>

<b>Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh says there is “no precondition” for talks with Pakistan except that Pakistan should bring its terrorists under “effective control”. How else does one impose a precondition?</b> The entire world is worried about Pakistan’s capacity to bring its terrorists under control and is helping it acquire that capacity. <b>India should realise that it is isolating itself globally by putting the condition of removing terrorism on Pakistan before it begins talking.</b>

India is in many ways crucial to Pakistan’s efforts at stamping out the disease of terrorism it has contracted. It is threatened from within as never before in its history but because of India’s obstinacy is forced to designate India as the bigger enemy than the Taliban and Al Qaeda. In fact, the strategy is to accuse India of funding rebellions inside Pakistan and thus explain the ongoing bilateral tension. It is only after “normalising” relations with India that it can free up enough troops from its eastern border to fight the terrorists.

Domestic political compulsions have deterred Mr Singh from reaping the moral advantage he had over Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks. He was not overly enthusiastic about Pakistan at Sharm al-Sheikh but was pilloried when he returned home. Pakistan was flexible before Sharm al-Sheikh but afterwards bent to domestic compulsions, and Prime Minister Gilani began putting Kashmir on the front-burner. Now even Mr Nawaz Sharif is talking tough on Kashmir so as not to be worsted by the new rhetoric in Islamabad.

India needs to come out of its posture of “policy nirvana” and take a careful look at where South Asia stands today <b>with two SAARC members — Afghanistan and Pakistan — in dire straits.</b> This is the time to talk and change the old postures that have perpetuated conflict in the region. *

Cheers <!--emo&:beer--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cheers.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='cheers.gif' /><!--endemo-->
1. http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/2009/10/loo...-have-long.html
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Thursday, October 22, 2009
<b>look closely at map: limeys have long given kashmir, all of it, to pakistan</b>
oct 23rd, 2009

so hans can claim that they are simply following limey custom.

Posted by nizhal yoddha at 10/22/2009 09:58:00 AM <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->The map's a Must Look.

At least we won't need to *give* londonistan to islamania. It's already got it. The faithful are merely waiting for the right time to announce it.

Besides, as the latest article of Geert Wilders shows using factual examples, the future looks very bleak for all of the UK. That same future looks very good for an islamic UK. (So it just depends on how you look at it I suppose...)

Oh and the Chinese can't be happy that the Kashmir they claim in their official maps is shown in the British govt's official maps (BBC is UK government's broadcasting corp) as belonging to Pukestan.

Not to worry, everyone can go back to sleep, since MMS and Sonia are very happy: As long as Kashmir doesn't belong to the Hindus anymore, it's all good - right?

2. Kaffirs at the bottom of islamic caste system - as if one didn't know already:
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--><b>Slavery in Pakistan</b>
TIME reports on slavery in Pakistan, drawing attention to the plight of bonded labourers there. They are typically minorities, of course - not that anybody on the Left cares to notice.
Posted by san at 10/28/2009 10:17:00 AM 0 comments
Labels: human rights, pakistan, pseudo-history, pseudo-secular <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->(Islamic brotherhood, allah the most merciful, blablabla.)
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->Daily Times - Site Edition Friday, October 30, 2009

<b>Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan: Hillary Clinton</b>

* US taxes everything, and ‘that’s not what we see in Pakistan’
* Pakistan must start planning for challenges posed by population growth
* US secretary of state meets COAS

LAHORE: The leadership of Al Qaeda is in Pakistan, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday.

“I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn’t get them if they really wanted to,” she added.

“Maybe that’s the case; maybe they’re not gettable. I don’t know... As far as we know, they are in Pakistan,” Clinton told senior Pakistani newspaper editors in Lahore, AFP reported. <b>“The percentage of taxes on GDP (in Pakistan) is among the lowest in the world..</b>. We (the United States) tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, and that’s not what we see in Pakistan,” she said.

<b>“You do have 180 million people. Your population is projected to be about 300 million. And I don’t know what you’re going to do with that kind of challenge, unless you start planning right now,”</b> she said.

“If we are going to have a mature partnership where we work together” then “there are issues that not just the United States but others have with your government and with your military security establishment”.

Separately, Clinton also met army chief General Ashfaq Kayani and exchanged views on a host of security-related issues. afp/sajjad malik<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>Clinton's call</b>

Hillary Clinton's three-day visit to Pakistan, her first as US secretary of state, marks a fairly distinct break with the past. Unlike her tough-talking and deliberately abrasive predecessor, Condoleezza Rice, Ms Clinton went out of her way to be charming, open and to talk to a wide range of people. Her experiences in the US Senate also meant she brought in a mature handling of queries and a better understanding of how complex the regional situation is. The interaction with students at the Government College University in Lahore should have been especially instructive for the person who will be playing a key role in devising foreign policy in Washington. The students who lined up to question her were not hostile. But they made it clear they shared with the majority of citizens a lack of trust for the US and scepticism about intentions. To her credit Ms Clinton accepted there were good grounds for this lack of faith. Her assurance that the Obama administration represented real change is one that will need though to be proven through deeds and not just words. The sometimes startled response from the secretary of state to the far tougher questions thrown at her by a TV panel made up of top anchor people suggests the government functionaries she met in Islamabad may have offered up a typically sanitized picture of prevailing sentiments. It is, therefore, encouraging that despite the immense security concerns Hillary Clinton made it a point to see the 'real' Pakistan, also holding a meeting with Mian Nawaz Sharif in his home city.

But for all her pleasant smiles, Ms Clinton did not shy away from making some things quite clear. She stated that she believed the Al Qaeda leadership was indeed in Pakistan, she stressed an all-out effort on every front was needed against terrorism and she focused on how much Pakistan had to gain, especially in economic terms, by normalizing ties with India. If we are honest, we cannot deny that much of what she said was true. For reasons buried in ideology, many of us, whether we draw influence from the right or the left of the political spectrum, have difficulty in suggesting that an alliance with the US could benefit Pakistan. It would also be naïve to assume that Washington wishes to 'help' Pakistan as an ally. International relations are after all geared around self-interest and self-preservation. There is nothing noble about Washington's focus on Islamabad. But it is possible that at this particular moment in history the interests of both nations coincide. This is something we should use to our advantage.

<b>Overcoming the militant threat and entering in to a less acrimonious relationship with India would benefit most citizens. There are segments that would stand to lose</b>, but ways must be found to prevent them from subverting the interests of the majority. They have done so repeatedly through the decades since 1947. The current US setup seems to have recognized some of this. Ms Clinton also emphasized in this respect a dramatic change in policy from those of the George W Bush-led team. The Bush administration's virtually blind backing for former president Musharraf created a number of the problems we face today. Our political leaders must assess the way we can most effectively counter these. In realistic terms, going beyond rhetoric or wishful thinking, it is inevitable that we will need to work with the US at least for some years to come. We cannot on our own hope to conquer that monster of terrorism that Washington's policies helped create. Nor do we have the economic or moral wherewithal to do this. Hillary Clinton has demonstrated a willingness to better understand concerns in Pakistan and to open wider the doors of communication. There are still plenty of reasons to be wary of US intentions. But for now, the opportunities for a more open relation laid out by the secretary of state need to be seized and utilized to pull our country out of the pit into which it has stumbled as a result of errors made in the past.

Cheers <!--emo&:beer--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cheers.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='cheers.gif' /><!--endemo-->

<b>125 militants, 18 troops killed in operation</b>

Cheers <!--emo&:beer--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cheers.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='cheers.gif' /><!--endemo-->
<b>India-US-Israeli war to balkanise Pakistan</b>

Indo-US-Israeli objectives of denuclearisation, Balkanisation and secularisation of Pakistan and turning it into a vassal state of India will be achieved preferably through ongoing covert operations alone supplemented by infamous Kerry-Lugar bill. Already lot of progress has been achieved by our adversaries in destabilising Pakistan. In case they fail to get hold of our nuclear assets and Pakistan refuses to accept pre-eminence of India, Indian armed forces will then be asked to operationalise its Cold Start doctrine by launching limited attacks, or combination of limited attacks and all out Indo-Pak war depending upon the success achieved in battle of frontiers and neutralisation of our nukes. <b>The aim would be cut Pakistan into small quasi states of Balochistan, Sindhudesh, Jinnahpur, Pashtunistan, Punjabistan and Balwaristan.</b> Parameters of the plan conceived in late 2001 to truncate Pakistan and duly modified subsequently were as under:

Convert Afghanistan into a permanent military base and intelligence centre of six agencies to plan, coordinate and launch sustained covert operations against Pakistan till the achievement of laid down objectives. Stir up fissiparous tendencies in smaller provinces and foment hatred against Punjab and army. Karachi Port to be converted into American naval base wherefrom it could overlook Iran, Afghanistan, China and Central Asia and also gain full monopoly over Indian Ocean. In case of refusal by Pakistan to allow this facility, the MQM to attain this objective by first neutralising all its political opponents at grass roots level and at regional level and gain complete political ascendancy in urban Sindh. President Musharraf to provide requisite support by decimating MQM Haqiqui and looking the other way to all its high handed tactics. Cultivate Bugtis, Marris and Mengals and others aspiring for Baloch rights and foment unrest in Balochistan. Promise them independent Balochistan with Gwadar as its free port and control over energy resources. Map of independent Balochistan has been floated. Provide all kinds of war munitions to the rebels and establish Farari camps making best use of four air bases in Balochistan under occupation of US forces since October 2001 and the adjoining soil of Afghanistan. Espouse the cause of Baloch, denounce military operation against them and assure insurgents of direct military support once the insurgency in Balochistan reaches high intensity stage.

Create fake Taliban in FATA, equip and fund them to be able to spread unrest in FATA and NWFP and defame Pakistan by pasting charges of religious extremism and terrorism. Help in establishing Tehrik-e-Taliban under Baitullah Mehsud and in expanding its influence in FATA, NWFP and poverty stricken South Punjab on the false pretext of introducing Sharia to win public support. Lower the image and credibility of the army by pushing it into FATA and by launching a well orchestrated media campaign. Oust religious and other conservative political parties in 2008 general elections and bring in liberal parties in power. Put the noose of NRO around the necks of leadership and make them subservient to wishes of Washington. ANP under Asfandyar Wali, a traditional pro-Congress party, to help in working towards creation of Pakhtunkhwa comprising Pashtun regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. A map to this effect was recently on display on billboards in the province. Enfeeble state institutions and turn legislature into a rubber stamp under a powerful president. Lock up two to three Corps in northwest, exhaust and demoralise counter insurgent forces and get them attuned to fighting low intensity war. Likewise pin down one Corps in Balochistan dealing with Baloch insurgency; thus reduce strategic options of Pak army in central and southern Punjab and in the desert belt. Create conditions wherein troops fighting counter insurgency are unable to move back to confront Indian threat. Malign Pakistan’s nuclear program and magnify threat of religious extremism and theft of nuclear bombs by terrorists, forcing Pakistan to either roll it up or hand it over to USA. Create an atmosphere of gloom and doom through Jewish controlled electronic and print media and paid writers and intellectuals within Pakistan that Pakistan is falling apart. Create economic crisis and bring it to the brink of default to exert maximum pressure on the NRO cleansed leadership and make it agree to Indo-US demands. Speed up building dams on all rivers flowing into Pakistan with a view to turn Punjab agricultural lands barren.

Once the internal situation becomes murky and desired imbalance is induced in system of forces, India to activate eastern front by staging a drama of terrorism and blaming Pakistan as it had done in December 2001. Mumbai drama in November 2008 was also an act in that direction but it backfired. India to move troops to the border under the garb of winter exercises in November 2009 or playing up threat from Pakistan as it has done several times. Heat up LoC in Kashmir on a false pretext and capture an important post to provoke Pakistan to react. Making it into an excuse, launch limited attacks under the concept of Cold Start doctrine all along the border against at least 14-15 shallow objectives but each one threatening sensitive spaces in depth thereby forcing Pakistan lacking in strategic depth to fight for every inch of the territory and even moving its strategic reserves well forward.

Once bulk of our forces are embroiled in battle of frontiers and our two strategic reserves locked up in corridors away from their areas of interest, strike formations to be brought into action for the decisive action. Prior to launching main offensive, conduct extensive air operations and also quarantine Pakistan by affecting sea-blockade in Indian Ocean. After achieving air supremacy in the south, launch main effort in the desert sector from Shahgarh base of operation to cut main GT Road in Reti-Rahimyar Khan sector and establish bridgehead over Indus to breakout towards deeper objectives. De-link Sindh and then launch manoeuvre of exploitation to link up with rebel forces in Sui-Bugti and make rest of Pakistan landlocked. To create a dilemma for strategic reserves, launch secondary effort in area south of Sutlej in Marot-Fort Abbas area and two to three auxiliaries in other sectors together with two brigade size amphibious operations along our coastal belt. Isolate AJK for subsequent merger with IHK. Gilgit and Baltistan where Indian sponsored separatist movement is already in action to be grouped and made an independent state called Balwaristan. Afghanistan to also heat up western border to ensure that troops in FATA and in Balochistan are not withdrawn. Planned induction of 1,50000 Indian troops in Afghanistan to facilitate two directional threat. (India has established an airbase in Tajikistan which poses threat from the rear). In conjunction with ground offensive, para-dropping planned at strategic choke points. US imagery and satellites to provide intimate information about the location and move of strategic forces and also to jam strategic communications.

US drones/RDF to destroy nuclear tipped missiles when on move towards battle locations to deprive Pakistan of its nuclear response. Impose military and economic sanctions on Pakistan (new restrictions on military aid penned in Kerry-Lugar Bill are a step in that direction). Quislings/militants to make rear area security and supply routes turbulent. Note: the war plan will be executed subject to outcome of operation in South Waziristan. In case of success, intended offensive will be postponed to winters of 2010 but covert operations would continue as heretofore. Use of non-actors in the form of Black water would be extensively used to achieve sinister objectives.

<b>Death tally in Pindi blast mounts to 20</b>
Updated at: 1139 PST, Monday, November 02, 2009
RAWALPINDI: The death toll in Rawalpindi blast has mounted to 20 people and as many others were injured, which took place near <b>Shalimar Hotel behind Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel located on a Mall Road in Cantonment Area</b>, on Monday morning, Geo news correspondent Zarghoon Shah quoted police sources as saying.

The Shalimar Hotel is off Mall Road, close to the upmarket Pearl Continental Hotel, not far from Pakistan's army headquarters, where 10 gunmen kept up a nearly 24-hour siege last month and about 15 minutes' drive from the airport.
<b>Pindi schools closed after explosion</b>

<b>Pillion riding outlawed in Sargodha</b>
<b>Explosion near Sherakot Exchange, Lahore.</b>
Twin suicide attack in Lahore kills policeman<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->LAHORE: Two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a police checkpoint near bus terminals at the entrance to the city of Lahore late Monday, killing one policeman and wounding 25 people, including seven policemen.

The bombers struck after dark at the Babu Sabu police checkpost on a link road to Pakistan’s intercity motorway that dissects the country from the northwestern city of Peshawar to the capital Islamabad and east to Lahore.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
3 dead
<b>Huge blast hits Rawalpindi safe zone; 30 killed</b>

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