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Twirp: Terrorist Wahabi Islamic Rep Pakistan 5
from paki fora
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->The other thing is that someone on the inside (most probably low level retired armed forces personnel) is guiding these suicide attackers. Given that a lot of servicemen went to this bank for their salaries means that someone close to Army etc. is guiding these *******s.

The same goes for attacks on Army officers.<b> I am 110% convinced that the real planners behind all these attacks are the punjabi militants who also have retired members of Army/Airforce in their ranks. </b>These elements are the ones who are queuing these suicide attackers to so many very specific military targets. Otherwise on average, a militant suicide attacker from FATA etc. would have no idea about what places "fauji" frequent and what routes an officer takes etc. etc. The specificity of such attacks shows that the planners know where the Army goes to work and lives. This sort of information is only with those who have either served or lived very close to the Army.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Good morning - New day, new score, more halal
<b>Suicide bomber injures 10 police, 6 others in Lahor</b>e
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> LAHORE: A suicide bomber blew himself up at a checkpost here on Monday, injuring 10 policemen and six others.

According to police, a white Suzuki car was entering the city after exiting the Babu Sabu interchange on Motorway II when it was signalled to stop for search at around 6:45pm on Bund Road.

A man came out of the vehicle and blew himself up and the other man on the driving seat was injured in the blast. He was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

An ASI and a constable were also said to be in a critical condition.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>Situation worsening? Pak Army cancels leaves</b>

<b>Islamabad : In view of deteriorating security situation and continued Taliban-sponsored suicide attacks in Pakistan, the Interior Ministry has cancelled all pre-sanctioned leaves of the armed forces for the next two months.</b>

According to reports, Interior Minister Rehman Mallik <b>has ordered the immediate cancellation of all leaves sanctioned to the Pakistani Rangers and Army officers with immediate effect from November 16, 2009 till January 16, 2010. </b>

The urgent measure comes in wake of a series of recent suicide blasts in various cities of Pakistan in which over 300 people were killed and several hundred seriously injured. <b>No Pakistani city has been left untouched by the deadly spell of killings. Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar have been the most seriously effected.</b>

The militants have also time and again attacked the Pakistan Army Headquarters in Rawalpindi causing huge damage to the armed forces.

The alarming law and order situation has probably forced the establishment in Pakistan to call back all men to duty and has asked them to report to their respective battalions as soon as possible.

One more reason for quashing the sanctioned leaves could be attributed to Pakistan’s increased offensive in Taliban strongholds in Waziristan near the Afghanistan border.

Pakistan Army is slowly gaining foothold in Taliban dominated area with every passing day and claims to have killed key insurgents.

This latest assault is seen as crucial in defeating extremism in the country.

The push into South Waziristan's mountains has triggered a backlash from insurgents. They are trying to bring the war out of the Northwestern region, and into the country's cities, in hopes of eroding public and political support.

The military had earlier captured Kotkai, the hometown of Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud. Pak Army has also announced a bounty on the Taliban fighters who wanted to surrender

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<b>Fourteen killed as trains collide in Karachi</b>

[center]<b><span style='color:green'>YOU CAN TAKE THEM OUT OF THE TERRORISM BUT YOU CANNOT TAKE THE TERRORISM OUT OF THEM!</span></b>[/center]

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Paskistan - via their President - has asked for the following amounts in "AID" i.e. the amounts received would not have to be "REPAID" :

1. From the USA : USD 100 Billion in the form ofg a Marshall Plan. Not to be "REPAID"

2. From Friends of Pakistan : USD 70 Billion - Similarly not to be "REPAID".

3. From Friends of Democratic Pakistan : USD 40 Billion - again not to be "REPAID".

Here are details of one of the First Payment :

<b>Pakistan to receive $500 million from F o P : Hina Khar</b>

ISLAMABAD: State Minister for finance Hina Rabbani Khar has said the Friends of c Pakistan (FoP) would provide 500 million dollars to Pakistan by December end, adding, dialogue is in progress for provision of 500 million dollars under the Allied Support Fund for expenditures in war on terror and hoped Pakistan will receive it soon.

She was talking to media here. Khar said the government is facing difficulties in purchasing rice as it had to be processed immediately after purchase, which is the responsibility of the provinces and the government has assigned the responsibility to PASCO to purchase rice along with provinces and process it in their selected mills.

She said that keeping continuation in agricultural policy is difficult task but the government is trying to provide all available facilities and incentives to the sector, adding, the government would construct new storage houses at a cost of 37 billion rupees for increasing the facilities of storage of agricultural products.

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<b>Punjab PA turns into fish market</b> <!--emo&:flush--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/Flush.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='Flush.gif' /><!--endemo-->

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[center]<b><span style='color:green'>Has a countdown begun in Islamabad?</span></b>[/center]

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After peddling her wares in every Pakistani Bai Ji’s Kotha the Universal Whore is now trying to protect her so called Soverginity :

<b>Bill to protect national interests tabled in Senate</b> <!--emo&Confusedtupid--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/pakee.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='pakee.gif' /><!--endemo-->

ISLAMABAD : In an apparent tit for tat to the Kerry-Lugar Act, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Wasim Sajjad has submitted a bill in the upper house, mandating annual presidential certification to parliament to preserve, protect and assert the sovereignty and honour of Pakistan.

“There are many forces, both inside and outside the country, bent on weakening the defence of Pakistan, thereby endangering its sovereignty and integrity,” Wasim Sajjad said in a statement of objects and reasons of the bill to be called the “Pakistan Sovereignty Act 2009”, a copy of which was exclusively provided to The News. It said a vulnerable economic situation was being used to force Pakistan into taking steps which were not in the national interest, and it was therefore necessary to enact this law.

The brief bill reads : “Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any law and treaty, and undertakings or conditionalities agreed with any foreign country, the president of Pakistan shall certify in January each year on behalf of the government of Pakistan to each house of parliament that the sovereignty and honour of Pakistan have not been compromised in any manner whatsoever; that no compromise has been made on security or effectiveness of the nuclear programme of Pakistan; that no understanding has been reached with any foreign country for interference in the change of command or promotions in the armed forces or in the structure or role of the security forces of Pakistan; and that no conditionalities have been accepted from any source to weaken the defence of Pakistan against foreign aggressions.”

While talking to this correspondent, Wasim Sajjad believed no parliamentary party would oppose or object to the bill because it dealt with an important non-controversial issue, which was of concern to every citizen of Pakistan. He hoped the ruling coalition parties would support this bill because there were no two opinions on protecting the sovereignty of Pakistan.

He said the Kerry-Lugar Act raised many concerns and caused serious worries in almost all civil and military circles. He said to deal with these misgivings and qualms it was necessary to provide a legal statute wherein the president of Pakistan was bound to give to parliament an annual certification.

Wasim Sajjad said this would be something new in Pakistan, but such requirements were in place in many countries, especially the US, where the Congress was informed about all measures and policies decided by the US administration.

It appears the Pakistan Sovereignty Act was drafted keeping in view the harsh provisions of the Kerry-Lugar Act, which were interpreted in Pakistan as something meant to hit the country hard. Almost all the matters on which this proposed law seeks presidential certification were covered directly or indirectly in the Kerry-Lugar Act.

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<b>Pakistan models defy Taliban with 1st fashion week</b> <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->
Good morning - Busy day
<b>Suicide bomb near Peshawar kills at least 12, wounds 35</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin--> PESHAWAR: At least 12 people, including a UC nazim, were killed and 35 others injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the cattle market in Adezai area on the outskirts of the city on Sunday.

Police sources said it appeared that the bomber’s main target was Adezai Nazim Abdul Malik who was earlier a Taliban sympathiser but turned against the terrorists.

Mr Malik had organised an armed lashkar against militants in the Peshawar frontier region. He survived several attacks in recent past.

<b>Three killed in Peshawar suicide attack</b><!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->PESHAWAR: A suicide bomb attack at a police checkpoint on Peshawar’s Ring Road killed three people and wounded another five on Monday, police said.

‘It was at a police checkpoint. There are some casualties but we don't know how many,’ said police officer Khursheed Khan.

The bomber was riding in a rickshaw when the explosion took place. <!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->

<b>Gas pipeline bombed near Norther Bypass</b>
Updated at: 2344 PST, Sunday, November 08, 2009
KARACHI: Unknown persons have blown up a gas pipeline near Northern Bypass here on Sunday, Geo News reported.

Gas and smoke spread in the area after the blast, sources said.

<b>Charsadda blast claims 15 lives</b>

CHARSADDA : At least 15 people were killed and several others injured in a powerful car bomb blast at Farooq-e-Azam Chawk in Charsadda, Geo News quoted hospital sources as saying Tuesday.

According to police sources, an explosive-laden car was used for the blast. The blast was so power that the windowpanes of nearby buildings broke and the smoke is seen billowing from the blast site.

The search is still underway at the blast site for the people trapped under the rubble.

According to hospital sources, the deceased include women and children.

The blast place is usually crowded one. The people on their own kick-started the relief activities and rushed the bodies and injured to the nearby hospital. The police personnel put security cordon around the blast site.

The state of emergency has been declared in the hospital.

According to Geo News correspondent, at least 15 bodies have been taken to the District Hospital and some injured are in critical condition.

Some injured have been rushed to the Lady Reading Hospital

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[center]<b><span style='color:green'>THIRTY FOUR</span></b>[/center]

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<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->GEO Pakistan
<b> Lahore police continue crackdown against brothels</b>
Updated at: 0548 PST,  Wednesday, November 11, 2009
LAHORE: Lahore police have steppe up crackdown against brothels and dozens of men and women have been taken into custody during raids in various parts of the metropolis.

According to police crackdown against brothels has been launched under the directions of high-level officials.

Earlier officials said that brothel houses in Lahore have become dens of terrorists in the city.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
Zardari in trouble <!--emo&Big Grin--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='biggrin.gif' /><!--endemo-->

<b>Zardari allegedly made big money in sub-marine sale</b>

PARIS : Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is suspected of having received millions of dollars in kickbacks from the 1994 sale of three French submarines to the Pakistani Navy, a French daily reported.

In addition, investigators believe that the non-payment of the full amount of the agreed kickbacks may have led to the deaths of 11 French nationals in a 2002 terror attack in the city of Karachi.

The report says the French daily acquired documents that allegedly show that Zardari received 4.3 million dollars in kickbacks from the sale of three Agosta 90 submarines for 825 million euros (currently 1.237 billion dollars).

The documents were sent to the Pakistani National Accountability Bureau (NAB) by British authorities in April 2001 and indicate that Zardari received several large payments into his Swiss bank accounts from a Lebanese businessman, Abdulrahman el-Assir, in 1994 and 1995.

According to a former executive of the French naval defence company DCN, French authorities chose el-Assir to act as intermediary in the deal. He allegedly deposited a total of 1.3 million dollars in Zardari’s bank accounts between August 15 and 30, 1994, one month before the submarine contract was signed, and then 1.2 million dollars and 1.8 million dollars one year later.

According to DCN employees who testified in the terror attack investigation, <b>the kickbacks to Pakistan in the deal totalled 10 per cent of the purchase amount, with 6 per cent, or 49.5 million dollars,</b> going to the military and 4 per cent, or 33 million euros, being funneled to political circles.

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From BR:
<!--QuoteBegin-"Anujan"+-->QUOTE("Anujan")<!--QuoteEBegin-->Interesting conversation with Pakistani equivalent of ex dilli-billi (Pindi-Prince ?) types and now a business owner in vilayat. His statement of Pakistani takleef with US was quite lucid and succinct. Nothing that Rakshaks dont know, but bears repeating.

Apparently Pakis were instrumental in Balkanization of SU and the victory of Amri-Khan idealogy of capitalism and democracy over competing SU idealogy and raisin dieter. A fair remuneration of services should have been Balkanization of India and victory of Paki IEDology over Indian Idealogy and raisin dieter. Anything short of that means "Unkil abandoned Pakis after their work got done".

Bad news for those who think 7.5B$ will buy loyalty.<!--QuoteEnd--><!--QuoteEEnd-->
<!--QuoteBegin-->QUOTE<!--QuoteEBegin-->EDITS | Thursday, November 12, 2009 | Email | Print |

<b>India just can’t read Pakistan</b>

G Parthasarathy

Developments in Afghanistan and Pakistan will figure prominently when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visits the Obama White House on November 24. The Obama Administration has handled events related to the recent re-election of Mr Hamid Karzai as President of Afghanistan in a crude and insensitive manner. <b>By publicly humiliating Mr Karzai, Washington has only weakened a leader set to play a crucial role in emerging developments in Afghanistan. Moreover, the prolonged period that the Obama Administration has taken to review its policies on Afghanistan has given an impression of dithering and uncertainty on the most crucial foreign policy challenge that Washington faces today.</b> This has only confused countries like India which have sought to complement Washington’s efforts to strengthen Afghanistan internally. These <b>developments are also encouraging the Taliban and Al Qaeda to believe that they will succeed in efforts to promote terrorism globally.</b>

Vice President Joseph Biden reportedly advocates action against Taliban and Al Qaeda hideouts in Pakistan, and even as Mr Obama pondered over what to do next in Afghanistan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid a well-planned visit to Pakistan intended to reassure the Pakistanis of American commitment to their welfare, stability and prosperity. The visit came at a time <b>when the Pakistani Army establishment </b>led by Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had <b>joined forces with the Opposition Muslim League </b>led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to undermine President Asif Ali Zardari by <b>voicing serious reservations and calling for the rejection of the Kerry-Lugar Act, which pledges $ 7.5 billion in assistance to Pakistan. The aid comes at a time when Pakistan’s own revenues cannot even meet the cost of the Government’s administrative expenditure with Pakistan’s economic growth having plummeted to two per cent in 2008-2009.</b>  :rotfl:

<b>The longest meeting that Ms Clinton had in Islamabad was</b> not with President Zardari or Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani, but <b>with Gen Kayani together with ISI Chief Lt Gen Shuja Pasha, with whom she spent three hours.</b> After the meeting with the Army brass and irked by orchestrated criticism of US policies while in Lahore, which echoed what she heard in Islamabad, <b>Ms Clinton publicly voiced her misgivings about continuing support by Pakistan’s military establishment for the Taliban and Al Qaeda.</b> On October 29 she said: “Al Qaeda has had a safe haven in Pakistan since 2002. I find it difficult to believe that nobody in your Government knows where they are, and couldn’t get them, if they really wanted to”. Cautioning Pakistan on cross-border terrorism it promotes in neighbouring India and Afghanistan Ms Clinton asserted: “If we are going to have a mature partnership where we work together, there are issues that not just the United States, but others have with your Government and your military security establishment”.

<b>Pakistan’s military and its political allies do not appear to have been affected by Ms Clinton’s public admonition. While the military continues its operations against the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan in South Waziristan, primarily because the TTP has challenged the Army’s, the ISI continues to back Taliban military commanders led by Sirajuddin Haqqani in neighbouring North Waziristan who have relentlessly staged terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, including on the Indian Embassy in Kabul and on Indian workers throughout Afghanistan. Moreover, the Taliban political leadership led by Mullah Omar, popularly known as the ‘Quetta Shura’, remains comfortably ensconced in Quetta.</b> While reviewing policies on Afghanistan, the Obama Administration will sooner or later have to decide on whether it can realistically contain the Taliban or its Al Qaeda allies in Afghanistan without exercising the ‘Biden Option’ of striking at their bases in Pakistan across the Durand Line.

<b>Recent revelations </b>by the FBI <b>of the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba links of two Chicago residents of Pakistani origin, who were plotting terrorist strikes against targets in Denmark and India, clearly establish that Pakistan-based terrorist organisations like the LeT now have a worldwide reach and, like the Al Qaeda, a worldwide agenda of terrorism.</b> The terrorist attacks planned against India were intended to be a continuation of the earlier terrorist strikes on Mumbai and elsewhere. <b>The prime accused, Daood Gilani aka David Headley, was in touch with Ilyas Kashmiri, a former Pakistan Army commando of Pakistan’s elite Special Services Group. Kashmiri was used by the ISI in the 1980s for training the Afghan mujahideen and in the 1990s for terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir. He escaped after being captured by Indian forces in Poonch in 1994. Interestingly, while Kashmiri was later charged with an attempt to assassinate Gen Pervez Musharraf and for the assassination of a former commander of the SSG, Maj Gen Faisal Alvi in 2008, he was allowed to get away and seek refuge in North Waziristan alongside Afghan Taliban military commander Sirajuddin Haqqani, who Gen Kayani reportedly regards as a ‘strategic asset’ of the ISI.</b>

<b>The LeT was reportedly planning to attack elite schools in north India, reminiscent of the attack by Chechen terrorists in Beslan, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of school children.</b> Chechen terrorists have long-standing links with the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the LeT and with political parties in Pakistan like the Jamat-e-Islami. Home Minister P Chidambaram and the Indian Army chief have warned that future terrorist attacks will not go unpunished. Interestingly, the establishment’s reaction in Pakistan to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech in Kashmir was voiced by former Senator and Muslim League politician, Mr Mushahid Hussain, who has long-standing links with the Pakistani Army and the LeT. <b>Mr Hussain asserted that Mr Singh’s recent readiness for unconditional dialogue was because of growing fears in India about Maoist violence, insinuating that the offer for talks was because of India’s internal compulsions.</b>

<b>India has continuously misread the internal dynamics of Pakistan.</b> Even in late 2007, our High Commission in Islamabad and luminaries in South Block believed that Gen Musharraf remained strong and virtually invincible. <b>Right now there seems to be little appreciation of the fact that it is Gen Kayani and not President Zardari who determines and dictates policy in Islamabad.</b> Anyone who knows <b>Gen Kayani’s </b>approach to relations with India, even from the days he commanded the 12th Infantry Division in Murree, knows that he <b>is pathologically anti-Indian and regards the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba and the Afghan Taliban as ‘strategic assets’.</b> Mr Singh needs to convey these realities to Washington while responding to any calls for a revival of the composite dialogue process.


<!--QuoteBegin-ramana+Nov 12 2009, 02:13 AM-->QUOTE(ramana @ Nov 12 2009, 02:13 AM)<!--QuoteEBegin-->
<b>India just can’t read Pakistan</b>

<i>The visit came at a time <b>when the Pakistani Army establishment </b>led by Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had <b>joined forces with the Opposition Muslim League </b>led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to undermine President Asif Ali Zardari by <b>voicing serious reservations and calling for the rejection of the Kerry-Lugar Act, <span style='color:red'>which pledges $ 7.5 billion in assistance to Pakistan. The aid comes at a time when Pakistan’s own revenues cannot even meet the cost of the Government’s administrative expenditure with Pakistan’s economic growth having plummeted to two per cent in 2008-2009.</span></b></i>  :rotfl:


<b>ramana Ji :</b>

The US Dollars 7.5 Billion which being under the Aid Banner will neither draw Interest nor does it have to be repaid.

As Pakistan is Purchasing the J-10 Figher Bombers from China and submarines from France or West Germany, it is apparent that the "Aid" received will release a corresponding amount to the Pakis to procure more improve their Defence Capacity.

This is the biggest failure of the Indian Leadership i.e. not being able to convince the Obama Administration to curtail-limit Pakistan's Arms Buying Spree.

Cheers <!--emo&:beer--><img src='style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cheers.gif' border='0' style='vertical-align:middle' alt='cheers.gif' /><!--endemo-->

<b>ISI ‘truth’ out</b>
- Musharraf says Pak intelligence agency present in every terrorist group but denies support

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